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Fiji 2014

February, 2014 – When the going gets tough… the tough go traveling! On halloween (2013), they found 9 brain tumors… leptomeningeal carcinomatosis… and gave me a few weeks to live. Yeah, I didn’t like that prognosis, so I took things into my own hands (My Brain Metastases). Since I’m supposed to be dead and I’m not, since I apparently have one foot in the grave, and since I have time share credits and airmiles to use, I’ve decided to go to Fiji.

I renewed my passport today…. for 10 years! How’s that for positive thinking? See, it’s $190 for 5 years and $260 for 10. Obviously, you get more value per year buying the 10-year. Unless, of course, you have a terminal diagnosis with a prognosis nowhere near that far out. So, what am I risking? $70? Thumbing my nose at the prognosis? … Priceless!

My curly chemo hair…

The wheels are falling off this immune-suppressed jalopy. Suddenly… in the past week, I’ve had a cold, a UTI, and a stomach bug. Now, I am leaving for Fiji tonight, I find out I have shingles! Boy, do I know how to have fun! Another dilemma, should you be jealous because I’m going to Fiji or feel sorry for me because I’ve got shingles? The good news is I’ve got western and naturopathic guns pointed at it and it’s working!!!

Flying in to Malolo Lailai.

There aren’t a lot of sensations grosser than stepping on a cane toad in your bare feet in the dark. They squish between your toes then hop away as though nothing happened. And it doesn’t get much creepier than flipping on your pen light and realizing you are surrounded by dozens of them watching you silently in the dark… Bwah ha haa…





The people of Fiji are fantastic!


In fact, I think I want to move here and be a teacher! These kids are adorable!


Traveling with old friends is the best!














While we were there, a cyclone came. Here are before, during and after photos.








Group hug!