Gratitude Tour West – back to basics


Beautiful oasis


I’ll be honest. I haven’t been posting much content lately, not just because I’ve been traveling so much, but because I have been feeling like a hypocrite. It is so hard to stick to my dietary regimen when I am traveling. IMG_3859 And after you bend a rule, it’s just a matter of time before they all go out the window. There’s a physiological reason for that… when you start feeding Candida and it takes over the microbiome in your intestines, it starts dictating your tastes and cravings to you… feed me more junk! Then there’s the holidays. I’ve gained 15 pounds… yecchh! And I feel like a walking bag of toxins. It is time to detox and cleanse again and adhere again to my regimen. I’m not going to stay NED (no evidence of disease) if I don’t follow my principles of creating a bioterrain that is hostile to cancer and supportive of my body’s own healing powers:


IMG_3858 • Stop putting toxins in
• Get the toxins out
• Rectify nutritional imbalances
• Boost my immune system
• Kill cancer
• Balance stress and support emotional wellness








So my Gratitude tour heads west… to Palm Desert… to spend a week with my lovely niece making our own do-it-yourself detox spa. She’s too shy for photos but she visited so much love on me when I needed it, that I am very grateful.




Beautiful hikes, organ cleanses, full-body detoxes, meditation, and a strict diet. Happy New Year! I feel better already.








  1. Bette

    Good for you Kai. Time to get yourself back on track .Many hugs. Bette

  2. sandy

    The photos are lovely. I love that area. I live in the desert and go 4wheeling with hubby and friends when possible. There is something so relaxing about the solitude of the wide open spaces. Glad that life is good for you. I’m trying to get this pain under control so I can live more!

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