Gratitude Tour Travels North


The Gratitude Tour continued,  appropriately, through Thanksgiving. IMG_1079 This time I travelled north to Seattle, where it all went down, as I fought the cancer demon down three years ago. If it weren’t for my sister, who took me in and cared for me when I couldn’t use my legs, let alone care for myself, who took me to my daily treatments of chemo and radiation…

If it weren’t for my lovely son, who gave me the overarching reason to live… If it weren’t for all my friends, who gave me so much love and believed in me to defy all odds, even when my own belief in myself wavered from the doctors dire prognostications of imminent death… I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t still be here.




So, my son needed sinus surgery and he IMG_3687could take a week off from work for surgery or for Thanksgiving but not both. So we decided to do both at once. We had a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend on the beach and in the forests of the incomparable Olympic peninsula. It was perfect, we took a ferry, stayed in a motel on the beach, and adventured as he was able. What a beautiful place to recover!


IMG_3692 IMG_1028 IMG_1048       IMG_3733 IMG_3747 IMG_3763 IMG_3695IMG_3765

IMG_3794  IMG_3791










Much love and gratitude to all…




  1. Bette

    Merry Christmas Kai,

    I enjoyed your blog, and was happy to have received it.

    I have had the worst flu that I have ever experienced for going on three weeks.

    My Christmas cards are on the table ready to write in, but have no energy to do anything. I know that I will soon be well,but in the meantime Christmas is marching ever closer.


  2. Kathleen Feathers

    I enjoy your blog and writings Kai! It was such a pleasure meeting you in person. Thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hoping we all have a great New Year. 🙂
    Love you

    1. Kaiulani Facciani

      Right back atcha, girl!

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