– The gift that keeps on giving


Baracoa, Cuba

Baracoa, Cuba – where Columbus landed


Playa Maguana


I am getting so much joy from giving the little gifts I brought to Cuba. An adorable old man tried to sell me peanuts. I saw him squinting to read the cover of my book and I asked him if he needed glasses to read. He said he didn’t have any but that was okay, he didn’t need to read much anymore. I pulled a pair from my bag of tricks and gave them to him. He gave them back to me. Once I made him understand that they were ‘un regalo’, he looked at me amazed and tried them on. He kissed me on both cheeks. He ran around reading everything he could and came back and kissed me again and again. 3 pairs of glasses at Walmart? $1. An old man’s kisses? Priceless! The guy I had bought chocolate bars from witnessed the whole thing and came and told me that I was a good person, that the old man was much beloved, and that he had never seen him so happy. He made ‘un regalo’ to me of 2 chocolate bars. That is a lot of money to a Cuban and so I thanked him and bought 3 more! Hahahaaa…



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