Route & Itinerary

cuba map

April 18  – Denver to Cancun, overnight in Cancun

April 19 – Cancun to Habana, Cubana Airlines ($206), stayed in Habana Vieja at casa particular ($35/night for 2 including full breakfast.

(in blue on map above)…

April 22 – Rented car ($55/day all-inclusive), drove to Viñales, stayed in nice hotel with pool ($100 for 2 including breakfast)

April 23 – Drove to Maria La Gorda at western tip. Scuba dove.

April 25 – Back to Habana, friends left.

(in green on map above)…

April 26 – Traveling sola now! Took overnight bus ($66, 18 hours) to Baracoa. Lovely place, Christopher Columbus landed here. Idyllic Playa Maguana nearby. Chocolate capital of Cuba… yummy! Stayed in casa particular ($20/night including breakfast).

(in red on map above)…

April 29 – Bus to Santiago de Cuba. Underwhelmed… stinky, noisy city. Museo de Carnaval definitely worth seeing though. They have free shows in the afternoon. Casa particular.

May 1 – Privately arranged transport to Guardalavaca to stay at all-inclusive and dive. Yecch, but it’s the only option. ($200 round trip plus 2 nights at all-inclusive). Diving cancelled due to storm : (

May 3 – Overnight bus to Trinidad from Holguin. Pouring rain! Upside – fewer tourists!

May 5 – Bus to Playa Giron/Playa Larga in the Bay of Pigs. Most beautiful casa particular right on beach ($30/night). Scuba diving!

May 7 – Bus to Varadero. Nice casa particular. Couldn’t find a good restaurant. Very touristy but beautiful beach!

May 9 – Taxi to Habana ($35), Cubana to Mexico City ($214).




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  1. Bette

    I almost felt like I was with you there (almost because it is freezing cold here, and so much snow.)

    I can certainly tell that you are going to to have many adventures in Costa Rica, and I can hardly wait to hear all

    about them. I will be waiting with anticipation to read your amazing published book later on.

    Love you, and miss you. Bette

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