– Hokey pokey

So after a week of riding the buses with the Cubans, staying and eating in their homes, and loving every minute of it, I wanted to go diving on the north coast and the only way I could do it in my time frame and budget was to book an excursion to an all-inclusive resort… it’s like what I imagine is a cruise ship on land… lots of old, fat tourists, glutton-making buffets, and cheesy entertainment. Although I was captivated by what I can best describe as the violin karaoke. He was a very talented player and his boom box accompaniment was Cheeky-Monkey-show-worthy, transitioning smoothly from Frank Sinatra to Eric Clapton to Abba to Tina Turner to yes, wait for it… Jimi Hendrix!

The best part though was the skinny, chemo-bald woman in her 70’s in a mini-skirt who danced her little booty off when pulled from the audience by the ballroom dancers. I don’t know what country she was from but she was embracing life… rock on, sistah! The rains have finally arrived, which is a welcome relief from the very intense heat, but will make for an interesting journey in the dive boat tomorrow.

UPDATE: the coast guard has cancelled diving… for a little bit of rain! I came to this circus for nothing and now I’m locked out of my room because the lock battery died and apparently they have to send away for a new one and traditional keys don’t work even thought there is a keyhole. Oh well, this is why we travel isn’t it… to practice rolling with the punches? I guess I’ll go to the pool bar and do the hokey pokey in the rain in 5 languages.





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